Working At CPC

We are committed to creating a working environment to attract talented professionals and inspire them to their full potential.

Employer Responsibility
Our core business values are fair, ethical and safe work environment. Our code of business requires us to be responsible to all stakeholders and employees.

We strive to become the best employer, and to work with the best talents. Our recruitment and selection process are fair and impartial, and we strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations of the country where our business operates.

Performance and Reward
Our reward is associated with the performance of each department. We periodically benchmark our reward system to our peers.

Safety and Health
At CPC, employee to us means care and respect. Safe and healthy work environment is always our first priority.

Talent Development
We consistently provide employees with opportunities to develop their skill sets, and offer new opportunity for improvements. We are investing in training and development of employees at all levels. We offer a number of internship and job opportunities across all departments.