Canada Potash Corporation (CPC) is a resource company engaged in the exploration and development of potash mineral properties in Saskatchewan, Canada. The company’s headquarter is in Saskatoon, Canada, and has an operating office in Vancouver, Canada and representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in China.

CPC owns 25 Subsurface Mineral Permits covering approximately 7,000 km2 of land in the world’s largest Commercial Potash Mining Belt in Saskatchewan, Canada, making CPC the second-largest permit holder by land size in Saskatchewan. This Potash Mining Belt is flat lying with rich potash reserves and has good continuity. It typically occurs at the depth of less than 1,100m, facilitating cost-effective underground mining. The grade of ore is relatively high ranging from 20‐35% K2O compared to areas of Europe and Mexico, where K2O grades are 19% on average, making it possible to economically extract viable potash quantities from relatively limited hectares of land.

CPC intends to develop and extract a high grade sylvite mineral deposit in Grenfell, a carnallite – sylvite mineral deposit in Jolly Creek through solution mining process at competitive costs and with minimal environmental impact and develop a mineral deposit through underground mining process in northwest permit area.